Recipe: Fungus boiled

Home Cooking Recipe: Fungus boiled


This dish is modified from the boiled dried silk in Huaiyang cuisine. I used to love Chuanxiang and Yunnan cuisine, but now I am beginning to fall in love with Huaiyang cuisine. A few fungus, a bean husk, simple and nutritious, very suitable for summer oh~



  1. The fungus is soaked in two hours in advance to the timid small flower, which is boiled with boiling water. The tofu skin is boiled with boiling water, and a small oyster mushroom is thin and ginger.

  2. Put a little olive oil in the pot, sauté the ginger slices, stir fry in the oyster mushrooms;

  3. Pour in the tofu and fungus, stir fry, add the broth that has not been eaten, cover the pot and simmer until the soup is slightly closed;

  4. Finally, season with a pinch of salt and white pepper. (The mushroom soup is made by using a variety of mushrooms in advance. If you can't pour the same amount of pure water directly, you can add salt, white pepper and full-flavored seasoning.)


Do not put more salt and white pepper, otherwise there will be no scent. You can also add small rapeseed and other vegetables to your liking. Add a little green bean fan. A bowl of soup at dinner, simple and delicious~

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