Recipe: Fun rice ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Fun rice ball


The plasticity of the rice is quite strong, and the color is colorful; the person who cooks spends a little thought, the appetite of the person who eats is wide open; the music is in it, the best of both worlds is not it~^_^



  1. Spinach and carrot are cut into fine powders; the eggs are beaten and fried into fine powder.

  2. After the rice is cooked, mix it with salt and sesame oil, put it into basic cooling, divide it into four parts, and mix it with the prepared material.

  3. Put a plastic wrap on the sushi curtain, put a piece of rice, roll it like a roll of sushi, turn it into a piece after cutting it;


Rice I use rice and glutinous rice in a ratio of 6:4. The soft palate is sticky and the rice balls are not easy to spread out. The ingredients mixed in the rice balls can be chosen at will; you don't have to prepare them carefully, you can use the leftovers of the dishes. .

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