Recipe: Fun dragon fruit

Home Cooking Recipe: Fun dragon fruit



  1. The chicken breast is diced and cut into the same size as the fruit. Made with black pepper, salt, chicken, oil, and raw powder.

  2. Mango cut in half, according to the usual way, put a pattern on the mango, and then take out the mango diced

  3. The red dragon fruit is cut, and the spoon can easily take out the whole dragon fruit and diced for use. Don't cut too small, too loose when it is too small.

  4. Green peppers and red peppers are seeded and diced, and the size is consistent with the fruit.

  5. There is heat in the pot, put the marinated chicken into the pan and let it go, then pour in the chopped green and red peppers. After cooking, pour the chopped red dragon fruit and mango. It can be served in a few times.


Fruit can be adjusted with the taste of children, this is very suitable for children to eat, if the child does not like carrots, then you can replace the green pepper red pepper with less carrots...

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