Recipe: Fukuda Scorpion's oil-free whole egg sponge cake roll (white chocolate ganache)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fukuda Scorpion's oil-free whole egg sponge cake roll (white chocolate ganache)


Fukuda's cake roll recipe does not explain that everyone understands, and good Fangzi pushes in life! Gentle and smooth - whole egg cake body “The batter that uses the egg yolk and protein together can bake a delicate and gentle cake body. This cake has a moderate taste and can be said to be a good match with Ganna sauce.” Baking tray 28*28cm one plate (26*29or30*30 is also available) Fang Zi's first basic formula from "A Variety of Taste Cake Rolls" Everyone can play according to their preferences, and it is too troublesome to directly apply fresh cream~~



  1. Ready to work:rSpread the oil paper into the baking sheet;rThe oven is preheated 190 degrees;rLow-gluten flour is sieved for use;rWhite chocolate is chopped (flaky without chopping).

  2. Cake body:rEggs and sugar are placed in the egg bowl and heated by water (water temperature is about 60 degrees, don't be too high, the eggs will condense)

  3. After the water temperature drops (down to about 36 degrees), remove the egg bowl and continue to send it until the egg liquid has obvious grain shape (must be full of hair! Eggbeater picks up the egg liquid, the line is low)

  4. Put in milk and mix well

  5. Put the sieved low-gluten flour twice in two portions, and mix well until the batter is evenly distributed (all the ingredients will be agglomerated at a time, so put them in separate parts)

  6. The batter is evenly introduced into the baking tray and scraped with a scraper

  7. Bake in the oven for 190 degrees for 12 minutes

  8. Bake until the color is elastic, press it up without rustling (the book is written in light brown. Don't bake it, if it is not elastic, it will cause cracking, you can adjust the time according to your own oven)

  9. The cake body is removed from the baking tray and cooled on the grill (if it is a reverse roll on the book, the cake body is not colored when it is cooled to avoid being placed upwards, and the oil paper is peeled off and gently covered on the cake body. Do not leave it for a long time)

  10. Sandwich filling:rPut the whipped cream in a pan and add it to the white chocolate after boiling.

  11. After the fresh cream and white chocolate are completely dissolved, they are cooled by ice water, solidified and placed in the refrigerator for further cooling.

  12. After the refrigerator is cooled, the ice water is sprayed in the egg bowl (the oil content is more in the filling, and it needs to be cooled by ice water when it is sent, and it is fully sent)

  13. Roll cake:rAfter the cake is fully cooled, apply the filling to the colored side of the cake (reverse roll), apply a little thicker to the part near you, and do not apply 2-3cm from the end of the cake.

  14. Roll up from your own time

  15. After the roll is finished, the cake body is tightly formed with oil paper, wrapped and placed in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours, so that the sandwich is fixed, and the joint of the cake roll is placed downward.

  16. Cutting the cake with a warm knife ensures that the filling surface is flat


The temperature is adjusted according to the temper of my oven. My oven has always been hot, and it is already 190 degrees when it is screwed to 170. . . Just adapt to it~~

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