Recipe: Fujita Chiaki's red dates walnut yogurt Sikang (pseudo)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fujita Chiaki's red dates walnut yogurt Sikang (pseudo)


[Add new super bright tips] Yogurt must not be added in one breath! ! Yogurt must not be added in one breath! ! Yogurt must not be added in one breath! ! Need to judge according to the consistency of yogurt! ! Adding more will turn into soft cake fiu! ! ————————————————— Qian Qiujun’s special quick hand butter is not much! ! I have long wanted to fake a hair! ! Hey, hahahahahaha, I haven’t been so nervous recently, I can’t say anything! ! Directly above the child! Don't expose the things in my recipe! ! [Give me a reason not to look at the tips! ! 】



  1. Jujube to the core, walnuts to shell, all cut small butter cut 1cm block into the container, put it in the refrigerator.

  2. Remove the butter and sieve into the powder and add the fine sugar. Use your fingertips to make uniform particles without dry powder and no butter.

  3. Preheat the oven at 180 ° C to add jujube walnuts, mix them at will; add yogurt, cut and mix and mix into a dough (do not stir, let the dough less tendons). [covering the laminating film for 15 minutes]

  4. The dough was placed on a silicone pad, the hand was slightly flattened, cut with a spatula from the middle, folded and gently pressed, thus repeated 2-3 times. (The purpose is to have a layer of taste)

  5. 擀 to 1.5cm thick, cut into triangles, put into a baking sheet of oiled paper, the surface is painted with egg liquid or honey. 180 degrees, 25 minutes.


The amount of yogurt added first depends on the consistency of the yogurt! I use a particularly thick one, so I will add more. (Kashi's fresh buttermilk flavor) is also related to the amount of water absorbed by the flour, so it is recommended to add 85g of yogurt first. Secondly, because the yogurt is added, the dough will stick to the milk, and the slack can be put into the refrigerator. [Glued is the sticky surface of the dough, not the sticky method of a beach dough. If it is too sticky, it is more yogurt. 】 Homemade yogurt & sweeteners, you can add sugar yourself. It can also be replaced with brown sugar. Almost all of Secco I cut into triangles, and if you don't like it, you can use a mold to press into a variety of shapes. The outer shell is still crunchy, and there is a little more entrance to the inside. Red dates are soft and sweet, and walnuts are crispy and fragrant. I really like this match! Freeze for 1 month, naturally thaw or microwave to eat, and taste the same. [Every time the tips are particularly embarrassing, I will try to write out some of the conditions that may arise... Ignore the veteran... Don’t be afraid of me! ! ! Also attached to another very good red dates yogurt Sike link: recipe practices are different, I recommend to say good food! Everyone chooses it!

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