Recipe: Fujii Xiangjiang's healthy slimming fruit and vegetable juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fujii Xiangjiang's healthy slimming fruit and vegetable juice


I have been using it for a while. The weight loss effect is not significant, but! If there is a bm problem, the sister paper looks over! This effect is not too good! Not detailed, but the body feels very comfortable and refreshed! In order to get a healthy diet, I bought some books. Among them, I recommend Fujii Xiangjiang’s “7-day thin-bellied magical vegetable juice”. The content is very simple, except for the formula and consumption of various vegetable juices. Mention some scientific aspects of metabolic time and nutrition issues, such as enzyme metabolism, the best time to eat, to share with you that the most important vitamin C and enzymes in fruits can only be obtained without heating. The best morning cup of fruit and vegetable juice is mentioned in the book. She eats a glass of juice at 6:30 every day and then eats breakfast at 8:30. If she must eat bread or other starchy foods, try to separate them for half an hour or more. At noon, you can safely go to eat whatever you want. For dinner, finish the best high-enzyme fruit by 8:00, including banana, apple, strawberry, avocado, orange, pineapple, and red fruit. Of course, you can also mix vegetables and fruits water / milk / soy milk / yogurt ratio of 1:1: 2200-300cc for fruit and vegetable light fasting morning cup of fruit and vegetable juice can be, other time with the rest of the content part of the picture taken from the book will be put Uehara's content



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Fresh fruit, do not put too hot hot water in winter to promote enzyme activity

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