Recipe: Fujian Shacha Sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fujian Shacha Sauce


Fujian Shacha Sauce is a deep-fried flounder dried dumpling with a large dose of fried peanuts and a proper amount of boneless minced pork and minced pork, coriander, chili powder, mustard powder, allspice, sand ginger powder, lotus root starch, and fragrant wood. The grass powder is scented with vegetable oil, and it is slowly simmered with sugar and salt for half an hour. When the pot is not blistering, it is left in the altar and then placed in the altar. It can be stored for 1 to 2 years without Deterioration. Fujian Shacha Sauce is naturally rich in flavor and is used to cook seafood dishes such as stir-fried steamed rice. The taste is fresh and mellow, and it is very popular among Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwanese diners because of its unique seafood natural flavor. I am studying a simple version myself today.



  1. The dried fish and dried shrimps are roasted in 50% hot salad oil and immersed in a small fire until they are fragrant. After being fried, they are taken out and ground into a sauce.

  2. Another pot, add peanut oil, burn until 40% hot, add dry red pepper powder, garlic, onion or onion and other small fire to fry until dry, leave oil to slag for use.

  3. After washing the pot, add the fried oil, heat until 50% hot, add peanut butter sauce or sesame paste, dried fish dried shrimp sauce, rock sugar or white sugar, whole milk powder, allspice powder, pepper powder, star anise powder, salt, etc. From the fire to the sauce, you can make a small bubble.


Production of sand tea noodles: 1. The alkali water surface, the green bean sprouts are headed to the tail; the leek is washed and cut into 3 cm sections; the boiling water is placed in the pot, and the fire is boiled and placed in the green bean sprouts for 1 minute. , remove the bowl. 2, pig large intestine red halogen treatment, into the sand tea stew pot for use 3, the pot of sand tea sauce and broth broth boil, add salt, chicken powder seasoning, fried tofu tablets, pig large intestine, sand tea brine soup It can be poured on the surface of the alkaline water.

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