Recipe: Fu Sun Man Tang

Home Cooking Recipe: Fu Sun Man Tang


Family consciousness has been passed down from a long time ago. Even nowadays, even if you meet the same surname for the first time, you must open a joke that is "a family five hundred years ago." It seems to be a bit more generous. In the traditional consciousness, the family is bigger. The more children and grandchildren, the blessings are worthy of praise. The four generations of the same family, the children and grandchildren around the knees, probably the common wish of every old man, the upcoming reunion, it is better to take the family, and put on a plate of "Fu Sun Man Tang" to accompany the elderly, do their filial piety Right~ A plate of red and red fire stars, combined with Chinese and Western, contains hot and cold, really nice and delicious, I know that you must like it at first glance, just like me, can not help but also put on a plate To present the longest and most beautiful future of mankind to the people, and then to see it gradually come true in the warm New Year’s Eve of New Year’s Eve...



  1. Wash the grass shrimp and pick up the intestines

  2. Wash the prawns, remove the head and shell, cut into sections, add salt, fresh chicken powder, rice wine, white pepper powder for 5-10 minutes, then evenly spread the white powder.

  3. Pour a proper amount of oil into the pan and heat the prawns of Method 2 and pour them into the oil pan.

  4. Take out the pineapple, cut it into small pieces, put it into the dish, squeeze into the salad dressing, stir well

  5. Put the grass shrimp into the boiling water, cook it, remove it, and go to the head.

  6. Wash the cucumber, slice it, put it into a dish, and then add the salad dressing pear pieces and fried prawns to the center of the dish.

  7. The cucumber pieces are discharged into a dish into a circular flower shape, and the pineapple added in the middle of the method 4

  8. The grass prawn of the method 6 is discharged into the dish of the method 7 to be eaten out.

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