Recipe: Frying foie gras with apple puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Frying foie gras with apple puree


Apples are rich in vitamins, and among all fruits containing vitamin C, apples are the highest. Vitamin C can effectively inhibit the formation of subcutaneous melanin, help eliminate skin pigmentation, increase hemoglobin, and delay skin aging. Expert research has confirmed that direct intake of vitamin C from fresh fruits is more effective than oral administration. Eating an apple a day can satisfy most of the vitamin C needed by the body every day. Apple contains a higher "pectin" than normal fruits. It is a water-soluble dietary fiber that reduces the amount of undesirable bacteria in the intestines and helps the beneficial bacteria to multiply, thereby regulating the bacterial flora in the intestines. The popular "Apple Diet Meal" is the use of apples to give people a feeling of fullness and a bowel effect, thereby achieving weight loss. Nowadays, many Americans regard apples as a must-have food for weight loss. They eat one day a week and only eat apples, which is called "Apple Day." Modern people often do not consciously consume too much protein in their daily diet. These proteins are broken down into amino acids, which in turn cause most people's body fluids to be acidic. Acidic body fluids continuously accumulate in the body, which makes people feel tired and weak. Among the fruits, apples contain the most complete nutrients. Among them, polysaccharides, potassium ions, pectin, tartaric acid and citric acid can neutralize the acid roots in acidic body fluids, reduce the acidity in body fluids, and relieve fatigue. The zinc element, which is rich in content, is a component of many important enzymes in the human body. It also has the effect of enhancing memory while eliminating fatigue. Today, the "Frying Foie Gras Apple Sauce" is made to be a novelty and cool dish. As a result, we use apple puree and fried foie gras to form this appetizer. The fried foie gras is placed on the apple puree and floats on the top of the mint. When you eat it, you only need to use a spoon to eat the foie gras, apple puree and mint foam. The cool breath will relieve the summer heat. The tender yellow color brings us a cool atmosphere before the heat, the tender apple juice is sweet and sour, and then the savory fried foie gras, the whole is very harmonious, and the floating mint foam is embellished, seemingly ordinary. The dishes are not simple.



  1. Open canned foie gras

  2. Pour a little water into the pot, add 5 grams of Agar (agar powder) and boil. Add in the foie gras and stir-fry. The foie gras has a taste without seasoning. It is poured into a fan-shaped disc. After cooling, refrigerate into foie gras in the refrigerator

  3. The apple is washed, peeled, and the middle core is removed. Cut into pieces, put in a juicer, add a little white vinegar and make a mud

  4. Pour the apple puree into the pot, add a little sugar (do not add if the apple is very sweet), heat it to boil, the concentration can not add anything

  5. Put a round mousse mold in the middle of the plate, pour the apple puree in step 4, and take out the round mousse mold into a round apple puree.

  6. The mint is washed and placed in the juicer. Add a little pure water into a mint juice

  7. In the mint juice, add 5 grams of soy lecithin and foam with a high speed mixer.

  8. Remove the vegetarian foie gras from step 2 from the refrigerator and cut into foie gras slabs.

  9. Start the pot, pour the appropriate amount of virgin olive oil into the pot, add the vegetarian foie gras in step 8 and fry until the two sides are slightly yellow. Take it out and put it on the apple puree in the dish. Put a little bit of mint foam on top of the foie gras and garnish with fresh thyme.

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