Recipe: Fruity pickled pepper, beef louver

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruity pickled pepper, beef louver



  1. The cow's louver is boiled in boiling water, and the cold water is cut out; (the micro-bubble water can be hot and tender)

  2. Apple cut Xiaoding, kale oblique section, pickled peppers, chopped parsley, onion cut ginger shredded

  3. Boiling water and salt, oily cooked kale, ready to be used for cold

  4. From the oil pan, add apple diced after the oil is hot, stir fry until it smells fruity; then add pickled pepper, green onion, ginger and spicy bean paste, small red pepper, stir fry slightly

  5. Add the beef venetian, stir well and add salt, sugar, pepper to taste, add the cooked kale section to stir fry, thin and owe the pan to serve

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