Recipe: Fruit Yogurt Cup - Smoothie Tips

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit Yogurt Cup - Smoothie Tips


In the morning, I was committed to finding a variety of delicious ways to eat fruit, crispy fruit and granola + smooth yogurt + sweet smoothie, scooping down a spoonful, eating it, and starting the day. Smoothie can be very ordinary, but it can be extraordinary. The root of the extraordinary is creativity, adding a little bit of something that is not often added, the level of taste will increase. Nut/nut sauce, seeds, combined with frozen fruit and fresh fruit, add paprika, turmeric powder, a little ginger, or basil, rosemary. In addition to the comprehensive nutrition, smoothie can also have a pre-taste like perfume, and it can't come out. But still remember to leave some fruit to play, the complete food nutrition is still the best, playing smoothie is more for the rich taste.



  1. Cut the fruit in half, half into the blender, and half cut. (Leave a little to be sliced ​​for decoration)

  2. Half of the fruit is made into thick puree.

  3. A layer of puree, a layer of fruit, a layer of yogurt, and a layer of grain.

  4. If you have time, cover it with a plastic wrap and squeeze the sliced ​​fruit onto the lemon juice to avoid oxidation.

  5. After freezing and freezing, put on fresh fruit, sprinkle with a little grain, and eat!


It is suitable for the weekend when there is time to sculpt, but it is definitely not in the middle. Be sure to freeze it, it’s not a little bit delicious, it’s really super cool. The puree pays attention to the uniform color, but if there is a color like cherry, it is not uniform. No more liquid, so if the mixer is not as powerful, remember to take a break.

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