Recipe: fruit tea

Home Cooking Recipe: fruit tea



  1. Prepare various materials

  2. Wash the fruit, peel the peeled skin, go to the pedicle, cut into small Ding, slice the lemon (two pieces)

  3. Fruit diced, lemon slices and black tea bags are placed in the teapot

  4. Pour boiling water

  5. Cover the lid for three minutes, let the black tea out, and then take out the black tea bag. (Put one side, put it in the teapot for a few minutes when the next bubble is taken)

  6. Wait for the fruit tea to cool to a temperature that is not hot, add honey and mix well to drink


1, fruit tea, the fruit variety in the material can be placed according to their own preferences, apples, pears, pineapples, etc. are good choices, with seasonal fruits is best. Lemon is indispensable in the material, and the refreshing taste of the lemon can enhance the taste of the whole cup of tea. 2. The black tea bag can be taken out in boiling water for two or three minutes, set aside, and repeat this step when waiting for the next bubble. Don't soak the black tea bag in the teapot for a long time. If it is too thick, it will cover up the fresh taste of the fruit. 3, honey to wait for the fruit tea to cool to not add hot, the temperature is too high will destroy the nutrients in the honey.

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