Recipe: Fruit sweet

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit sweet


"There is love in the heart, do everything well" series of fruit sweet. Fruit tarts are sweet soups that Shanghai people often make after meals. Sweet and soft, just like the Wu Yue girl in the impression. The story of the step chart: This is the first time I have left Shanghai for the New Year since I was a child. The place where this fruit is unveiled is the Yangcheng, which is famous for its sweetness. On the second day of the year in Guangzhou, commonly known as the "opening year", I am very happy that this Shanghai sweet soup has made a perfect ending for this "opening meal".  Si Xing had eaten a small round of wine when he was in Shanghai. In the New Year, I made this fruit and gave it to him. #乐购TESCO优鲜下厨房-水果#



  1. Apple, Sydney peeled diced, put in salt water for use

  2. Banana peeled diced, shaved orange peeled off

  3. Powdered rice is rinsed with cold water, spare

  4. The small round is cooked and placed in cold water.

  5. Boil the water in the pan, pour the apples and pears into the pan and cook for 3 minutes on medium heat.

  6. Pour in the small round and continue to cook for 2 minutes.

  7. Add bananas, sugar oranges

  8. Add sugar and stir until melted

  9. Transfer the powder and mix well

  10. Turn the fire and turn off the heat after boiling.

  11. Serve the pot.


1. The amount of material used is 10 servings. Each person is assigned to a bowl of small bowls for dinner. 2. If you use rock sugar, add the rock sugar in the fifth step when boiling water, otherwise it will melt too slowly. Save things a bit and replace with sugar. 3. Bananas and oranges must not be put into the pot with apple Sydney. The bananas will boil and the oranges will become sour. 4. If there is no powder, it can be replaced with corn starch, but it is not as fragrant as the powder.

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