Recipe: Fruit School Yogurt & Raspberry Sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit School Yogurt & Raspberry Sauce


Fang Zi from "Fruit School Ice Dessert" "Pour into a mini coffee cup or glass to cool and solidify, topped with raspberry sauce (red mulberry sauce) to enjoy" - although the production process is slightly complicated, but the finished product is also worth looking forward to refreshing Summer dessert [[The following materials can be used to make 5 150ML containers]]



  1. Use 100MLml of light cream to use the electric egg beater to speed up to 8 to distribute, that is, the eggbill head can be formed into a sharp angle and sent to the refrigerator freezer for use; 6g gelatine tablets are softened with cold water.

  2. Making an Italian protein cream:

  3. 1.30g of protein and 5g of fine granulated sugar (mixed with protein) are placed in a clean, oil-free, clean mixing bowl, and are fired at high speed with an electric egg beater to a hard foaming state, that is, the egg top can be raised to form an upright sharp angle.

  4. 2.50g of fine granulated sugar and 15ML of water are mixed into a small milk pot. Heat it to 117 degrees on a small fire and turn off the fire immediately. Pour the sugar water into the good protein. Pour it into the side and use the electric egg beater to send it at a low speed. After pouring, turn to high speed and continue to send until the temperature of the meringue is slightly higher than the hand temperature. Lift the egg head to form a sharp horn with a slightly hooked shape, and then turn the defatt to a fine state.

  5. Add the whipped cream to the meringue and mix gently and quickly.

  6. 400g sugar-free yogurt is placed in another mixing bowl and smoothed with a spatula

  7. Soak the 6g gelatin tablets and wring them out. Mix with 18ML water, simmer for about 10 seconds in a microwave oven until they are completely melted. Add 2 tablespoons of yogurt to the gelatin solution, stir well and then pour back into the remaining yogurt. Continue to stir. Uniform

  8. Pour the previous step into the mixed meringue and whipped cream, mix gently with a spatula, then add 10ML lemon juice and continue to mix evenly.

  9. Pour the prepared mousse paste into a glass or mini coffee cup with a pointed bowl or a pointed measuring cup, and send it to the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

  10. Making raspberry sauce: Put 120g frozen raspberry, 40g fine sugar, 40ML Italian vinegar into a small milk pot, heat it on low heat, stir until boiling and the sugar is completely melted, turn off the heat, you can use a spoon to gently Grinding raspberries, not crushing

  11. After the raspberry sauce is cooled, it can be drenched on the fully solidified mousse.


The special thing about this little dessert is that it mixes the Italian meringue. It is absolutely difficult for a successful partner who has done Italian macarons. But if you haven't had any experience in making Italian meringue, please search for each. Kind of macaron recipes familiar with the production method again ~................................................................................................1. Mousse paste into the glass or mini coffee cup after the surface is not smooth, you can use a toothpick to stir a few turns on the surface of the mousse paste, and finally pull out from the center point 2. No Italian vinegar can use 30ML grape juice or red wine plus 10ML lemon Juice mix instead, but the taste may be lost. 3. If there is no thermometer, you can drop a drop of sugar into the ice water when cooking the sugar water. If it can be solidified into a small sugar bead that is pinched, it means it is cooked, but This test method is not recommended, it is best to use a thermometer 4. If there is no raspberry, you can replace it with other sour berries.

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