Recipe: [Fruit School] Strawberry Milk Ice Cream

Home Cooking Recipe: [Fruit School] Strawberry Milk Ice Cream


From "Fruit School 4 [Ice Dessert]" P14 "I don't use eggs (yolks) at all, ice cream [ice cream] made with fresh cream, although it is less rich in egg yolk, it tastes quite refreshing." It is easy to practice the grass chicken, and it is easy to be good afterwards! Fully embody strawberry flavor and refreshing! Compared with the delicate ice cream, I always feel that this should be called [ice cake]



  1. Wash the bright red strawberries, gently wipe off the surface with a kitchen towel, remove the stalks and cut off the white buttocks at the bottom, and cut into pieces to ensure that the processed strawberries weigh 250g.

  2. Put the strawberry, condensed milk, whipped cream and white sugar into the cooking machine, pour it into a smooth shape, pour it into the container, cover the surface of the container with plastic wrap, and send it to the freezer in the freezer.

  3. According to the operation of the refrigerator, after about 1~1.5 hours, take it out of the refrigerator, use the eggbeater to make it smooth and smooth, then re-cover the plastic wrap and continue to freeze.

  4. Repeat the previous step 2~3 times, then continue to freeze until the ice cream is completely frozen.


1. Please adjust the amount of white sugar according to the sweetness and taste of the strawberry. 2. If there is no cooking machine, you can use the sieve to carefully grind the strawberry into strawberry puree and mix it with other materials. 3. If there is no eggbeater, use egg pumping to complete the step of stirring the ice cream solution.

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