Recipe: Fruit school hollow hurricane cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit school hollow hurricane cake


Japanese fruit school hurricane, the first one in the book I converted into 2 eggs, the six-inch hollow just full of mold first to send egg white is because there is no need to wash, directly behind the egg yolk



  1. Separating egg white yolk

  2. The egg white is added to the sugar three times, and the electric egg beater is sent to the inverted pot. The egg beater does not need to be washed.

  3. Egg yolk and sugar 2 are sent to a thicker color, which is estimated to be a few minutes manually, and the electric is much faster.

  4. 3 steps to add water to break up, and then add corn oil to fully break up. At this time, there is a thick layer of small bubbles on the egg yolk liquid. I am all electric all the way down, so that it can be fully emulsified.

  5. Sift into the low-gluten flour, stir the eggbeater evenly, just turn the direction, do not play in one direction, just 10 seconds

  6. Hurricane's famous 1/3 method mix everyone knows ~ don't elaborate. The cake paste should be in a very delicate state. Into the mold, flat. I used 150 degrees - 170 degrees for 30 minutes, and the buckle was used to cool off the mold.


It is really hard to use the electric egg beater all the way down. It is really hard to manually thicken the egg yolk~~ two eggs, 6 inch hollow can reach the full mold, the hurricane is hollow, it seems to be easy to climb, and the organization is very delicate. .

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