Recipe: Fruit sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit sago


The most difficult thing is to make delicious food with the materials at hand. After the coconut milk is used up, the coconut powder and the lactose water are also very good~ In the summer, the fresh and delicious fruit is harvested~



  1. Boil the boiled water, add the sago, cook for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat for a while. Cook for another two or three minutes, turn off the heat and simmer. Generally cooked. If it is a large sago, it may be necessary to repeat this process several times.

  2. Cooked sago is washed with cold water and filtered to dry water.

  3. In the process of cooking sago, the condensed milk is washed into sugar water and the coconut milk powder is added. Feel free to add according to your taste. (The ratio of condensed milk to water is about 1:5 here)

  4. Cut the fruit into small pieces (as close as possible), put in the sugar water, and put in the cooked sago, put it in the refrigerator and eat it.


1. Many people say that simi is not easy to cook, and even a variety of Baidu to find this most reliable way. There is a saying on the Internet that you should first soak, you must not, Simi will be broken; if you can't open the water and cook it with water, it will overcook. It must be boiled before the water is released. 2. Fruit can be used, but bananas should not be saved. (Individuals think that Apple is not very tasty when it is put in.)

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