Recipe: Fruit christmas tree

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit christmas tree


I saw a gorgeous fruit Christmas tree on the collar. . Then there was an evil thought. . The photo is long and you have to click a little more to see it. . . ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*



  1. One of the cantaloupe's thin slices is carved into a five-pointed star (歪 |||)

  2. Cantaloupe is a little bigger, take the middle chunks and cut into a roughly cone as the middle bracket.

  3. The remaining cantaloupe is cut into pieces and carved into a Christmas tree (in fact, it is a little jagged on both sides)

  4. When inserting fruit, insert the big one first, and the grape is used to fill the gap. (The two people can't eat it and they don't fill it up. The gap is bigger~w=


Not as difficult as imagined. . Although this shape is a bit like a flower. . . If the pillars in the middle are higher, there will be a more Christmas tree feel~ After a lot of people can make a ~~

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