Recipe: Fruit black tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Fruit black tea



  1. The hot pot of boiling water will brew the Pu'er tea, filter the tea residue, pour it into the glass pot, and ignite the alcohol lamp in the base to heat the glass pot. (There is no need to remove this step with a black tea bag)

  2. Cut the kumquat in half, peel the apple and cut it into small squares, and cut the orange into two pieces.

  3. When the black tea in the glass pot starts to pop up a little bubble, put all the fruit in a glass jug for a few minutes. (You don't have to wait for the black tea to boil thoroughly, so as not to reduce the nutrients and aroma of the fruit)

  4. Pour the boiled fruit tea into a small glass, wait for the tea to cool a little cold, pour in the honey, stir well (without adding honey)

  5. If a pot of fruit black tea is not enough to drink, continue to fill the pot with water, continue to heat the pot on the base of the burning alcohol lamp, but after 2 or 3 bubbles, the taste of the fruit black tea will become lighter and thinner.


** There is a special tea set for making fruit tea. (I am on the Taobao mail order, the kind of burning alcohol lamp.) ** Fruits can be freely selected, do not have to work hard, but pay attention to the fruit is not too much. **Which kind of fruit you like, it is the main body, so the fruit tea taste soaked out should be pure. (I like kumquat, I put more kumquats, other fruits are matched) ** There are many ways to make fruit tea. Either way, I think it is good to just scent the fruit. ** It is best not to have an empty stomach when drinking fruit tea, and drink it with a small snack.

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