Recipe: Frozen yogurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen yogurt


Since I went to the United States, I was deeply fascinated by the "frozen yogurt" everywhere. The tragedy is that I returned to Maple Leaf but I didn't have T^T... So I had to combine various methods on the Internet. The same frozen yogurt ~~OvO Frozen yogurt is better than ice cream and is very healthy. Sisters! The girl who is afraid of long meat can choose low-fat yogurt (in fact, it is not much worse), healthy and delicious, this does not solve the problem of the sisters but worry about getting fat! ! The only downside is that it takes some time. It’s probably a big night if you want to eat at night. ==



  1. After the yogurt is bought back, put the freezer in the freezer for about one hour until the yogurt is iced, but it will not be frozen in real time.

  2. Pour the frozen yogurt into the blender. If you like sweet, you can add a few spoonfuls of white sugar.

  3. Pour into the lunch box and freeze into the freezer when there is no obvious ice residue.

  4. After about half an hour, take out the repeated stirring and put it back in the freezer.

  5. Repeat three times or more, the more the number of stirring, the more slippery the taste

  6. Put on fresh fruit

  7. Can eat OvO~


Is it great~OvO

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