Recipe: Frozen tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen tofu soup


When winter comes, our family will make a soup every night. Besides eating noodles and dumplings, we will not make soup. Because the soup can also drink, there is a good saying: the original soup is raw. Haha... Just kidding! In fact, it is most appropriate to have a soup or porridge for dinner. It is necessary to eat less or less dinner, so that it is in line with the reasonable mix of nutritionists. However, it was very comfortable to have something to eat at dinner, especially in the winter, it was really warm, driving away the tiredness and hard work of the day. My bank card has been degaussed, and I have changed the card again, but it is not compatible with some previous programs. It is really troublesome and I have to go to the bank. If you think about headaches, you have to queue up for a long time. It should be more and more advanced modernization and scientific management. How do you feel that it is not as labor-saving and safe as the original ones. Nowadays, there are more and more fees, and things are getting more and more cumbersome. It is not convenient or fast at all. I still have the hand to cook. No one is "grateful" for my hard work! No one gave me a red envelope. Pure volunteers. I was in a bad mood and made a lazy soup. Because I went out to work, I came back late (I should have dinner and go home to see if they are hungry). Too complicated soup is not a must, just make a super simple soup! The process map of this soup has not been taken because it is simple and easy to do. Frozen tofu is the northern tofu bought from the supermarket. After washing, it can be packaged in the freezer of the refrigerator for one night.



  1. Frozen tofu diced

  2. Fans soft

  3. Put a proper amount of water in the pot, add a piece of soup (the white soup base of the hot pot, no need to put it, but remember to add salt) to boil

  4. Let the frozen tofu boil until soft, add the vermicelli, cabbage (washed with cabbage, preferably with the leaves of cabbage, washed directly by hand into the pot) cooked

  5. The mutton slices are finally kneaded into the pan until the mutton slices are cooked, sesame oil, shallot (or coriander)

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