Recipe: Frozen plums cocoa hummus - chick meat without long meat cream [healthy snacks]

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen plums cocoa hummus - chick meat without long meat cream [healthy snacks]


I want to eat ice and don't want fat! I don't want to eat chocolate, I don I don't have an appetite and want to eat sour! Do the chickpea icecream together, don't put extra sugar, the taste of plum and the taste of cocoa powder is surprisingly delicious~ In fact, not only can you make the taste of plum cocoa, make matcha, black tea, as long as you like it. . After that I will update other flavors in this recipe! Bye bye with the cream, I have to go through the summer with the chickpea ice cream.



  1. Put the chickpeas in advance one night

  2. Add three times the water in the boiler, three nine-time plum, the plums do not need to go nuclear, and the fire is boiled.

  3. After boiling, cook over medium and small heat for 15 minutes until the chickpeas are cooked. Remove the plum kernel (cooked plums to shell). Control the water with the chickpeas and freeze with the plums for 2 hours.

  4. Pour the frozen chickpeas and plums into the cooking machine, pour in the milk, break into the mud, and if thick, continue to add milk.

  5. Pour out the hummus, sift into the sugar-free cocoa powder, and mix well. The feeling of cocoa ice cream! you deserve to have!

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