Recipe: Frozen persimmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen persimmon


The most delicious winter season when I was young. The winter in the northeast is cold and cold. Before the transportation was not developed, fresh fruits and vegetables were rarely eaten in winter. The Northeasters tried to save food. Frozen persimmons were probably invented. Northeast children should have not eaten frozen persimmons, and there should be no dislikes. Sweet and refreshing, soft and hard inside, especially when biting the pieces of persimmon seeds inside, this is the best thing to eat frozen persimmons. I miss the winter when my family is sitting in a hot hoe and holding frozen persimmons. Frozen persimmons are delicious, but they are cool. They should not be too much at one time, especially for women in special periods.



  1. The persimmons bought are washed clean

  2. Put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator and freeze it completely

  3. Take it out of the refrigerator and put it in a small bowl filled with water.

  4. When the surface of the persimmon is slightly soft, it can be cut and eaten.


Don't wait for the persimmon to completely soften and eat again, so the taste is much worse. It is best to eat it inside the soft outer part.

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