Recipe: Frozen persimmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen persimmon


Every weekend is a big purchase, vegetables, fruits, meat and egg milk are just as many. On the weekend, I saw a persimmon like a small lantern. I still bought some homes. After washing with water, I put them in the freezer of the refrigerator and I remembered the frozen persimmons of my home. The four seasons of Shanxi are distinct, and the geographical structure is not lacking in mountains. The growth environment of persimmon trees is extremely resistant to skin and can grow in barren mountains. Therefore, persimmon is also a special specialty of Shanxi. In the ripening season of the persimmon, the mother put the persimmons she bought on the window sill in the courtyard, letting it freeze naturally and freeze it hard. Mother said that the persimmon test is the most resistant to freezing, so that it can not only preserve the persimmon for a long time, but also the frozen persimmon has no astringency, and the taste is much sweeter than that of the unfrozen one. Frozen persimmons are the best gunpowder. When you eat, put the persimmon in a bowl, add a proper amount of cold water (warm water in winter), and use cold water to stimulate the frozen persimmon. After a while, the outside of the persimmon can provoke a thick and bright ice shell. . At this time, the persimmon in the ice shell is soft, and the fruit pedicle of the persimmon is removed by hand, and the outer skin of the thin flap is peeled off, and the softest persimmon is sucked into the mouth with the slowest, and the ice-cold taste is really sweet. . I remember that "Camel Xiangzi" also has a description about eating frozen persimmons. "He bought a frozen persimmon. He went down and his mouth was full of ice! The roots of the roots were cold, and slowly cooled from the mouth to the chest, causing him to tremble. A few mouthfuls to eat it, the tongue is a little numb, the heart is comfortable." Yes, it is this feeling, the cold winter of several cold days, the outdoor weather is minus ten degrees, the indoor is the heat wrapped by the stove or the heating, eat a few A frozen persimmon is like eating ice cream. The feeling of warmth and contrast is more of a kind of stimulation.



  1. 3 fresh and scratch-free persimmons, rinse off the surface with clean water

  2. Washed persimmons in a crisper

  3. Cover the lid

  4. I put it in the freezer in the freezer for one night (I saw it clearly for everyone, and opened the lid when taking pictures)

  5. When you take the persimmon, you can see that the surface of the persimmon has a thin white frost.

  6. Add the right amount of cold water to the crisper, leave the surface of the persimmon, and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

  7. After 10 minutes, squeeze the persimmon by hand and feel the persimmon flesh soften and pour cold water.

  8. Put the persimmons on a clean plate

  9. Remove the persimmon fruit by hand

  10. Peel off the persimmon skin gently by hand

  11. Peel the peeled persimmon pulp in a cup

  12. Pour a little blueberry jam to make an embellishment


1. The persimmon is frozen in the refrigerator for at least a few hours, so that the persimmon is pinched and feels hard. 2. Mature persimmons are prone to decay at room temperature for a long time. Freezing is one of the ways to preserve persimmons. 3. The thawing of persimmons is best to eat at room temperature for a period of time, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency. When eating, it is best to leave the persimmon at room temperature at room temperature, and then eat it when there is no cold taste.

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