Recipe: Frozen lemon honey tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen lemon honey tea


In the uncle's refrigerator, there is always a bottle of pickled lemon honey all year round, because my cousin loves to drink, and every week, when I go home, I can soak in the refrigerator, and when I finish drinking, I will do another job. The bottle will continue... Even though she married her wife, even though her son has grown up, the father’s love is still silently surrounded by him... I used to make sugared lemons with white sugar or honey. Later I saw some netizens using rock sugar. Of course, I used rock sugar. This time I used rock sugar and honey.



  1. Slice the lemon, first pour the honey at the bottom of the bottle, put a layer of lemon slices, then put a layer of rock sugar, then a layer of lemon and then a layer of rock sugar, so repeatedly, put all the lemons and finally pour honey

  2. You can drink after three or four days, but it is best to drink after ten days of the week. At that time, even a piece of lemon can be chewed and swallowed. The frozen lemon tea in most beverage stores is freshly sliced ​​lemon slices. eat

  3. Take a few slices of lemon, then pour the pickled honey after the pickle, rush into a pot of black tea that is warmed to the warmth, then put it in the refrigerator, wait for you to go home from the scorching sun, pour a cup, how to ' Shuang'


Most of the lemons bought have a layer of protective wax on them, so soak them in warm water and gently brush them with a small brush or gently wash them with fine salt. Finally, the water is washed clean. The wide-mouth bottle of lemon honey must be oil-free and sterile. It is best to put a layer of lemon on each spoon and press it tightly, just like pickled pickles, the juice inside the lemon will come out as soon as possible, and the seal is not easy to break. When I was doing it at home, there were small pebbles in my house that could be pressed. Now I can do it when I don’t do it.

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