Recipe: Frozen grapefruit white jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen grapefruit white jelly


The quality of the grapefruit bought this time is very good, the juice is rich, the sweetness is high, and it can be eaten directly like oranges; it is made with white jelly to make a frozen dessert, which is refreshing and refreshing.



  1. Clean water and ice sugar into the pot to boil, until the sugar is completely melted, cool off from the fire, and put it in the refrigerator; the grapefruit removes the pulp for use;

  2. White jelly powder should be mixed with water at a ratio of 1:25, boiled, poured into a clean container, cooled and solidified, and placed in a refrigerator;

  3. The white jelly, the grapefruit pulp and the chilled syrup can be blended.


Usually the fruit of grapefruit is sour, most people may not eat it directly, unless I buy a sweeter one like me; anyway, I am here to throw bricks and jade, suitable for summer consumption of white jelly can be matched with seasonal fresh fruit, play you The imagination~

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