Recipe: Frozen grape

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen grape


I want to recommend to you that I will eat delicious food every day, so that it is sour and smooth! The production method is simple enough to make you stunned, wash the grapes, do not peel the skin freely, put it in the frozen layer of the refrigerator, remember to be frozen, close the refrigerator door, go to the mobile phone to watch the TV and play cards, play tired and open the refrigerator The door saw a white cream with the skinned grapes, and the peeled grapes were white and can be eaten like a ball! The frozen grape with skin can be peeled and eaten with water. You will taste a bite of frozen toothache, and then you will have a crack of the ice and the flesh, and then melt this small grape with your hot mouth! The taste is better than ice cream ice cream. If you are bored to see this, I can tell you smarter, banana watermelon... all the fruits, the same is available, want to freeze, this mouth is no longer lonely this summer 



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