Recipe: Frozen cream cream consumes extra light cream!!!

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen cream cream consumes extra light cream!!!


Every time I make a cake or a pudding, I will always have more or less whipped cream. I don’t want to use it elsewhere. If I put it in a bad place in the refrigerator, I want to use it quickly. A variety of flavors, matcha cocoa red yeast vanilla, put it in the hot coffee milk, watch it slowly melt 咝咝~~



  1. The whipped cream is refrigerated overnight, I use Nestle, usually at room temperature, if your high-grade whipping cream can only be refrigerated, use it directly!!!

  2. Add the right amount of whipped cream to the seventy-eight distribution (the remaining amount of whipping cream is not much, it can be beaten by hand, about three or four minutes)

  3. Add powder, a small amount (cocoa flavor I made), if you think the color is too light, you can add a few more times, the process of coloring will be almost faint.

  4. Put the flower mouth into the silk flower bag, pour the cream, and pad a layer of oil paper with a container higher than the cream flower, and squeeze the flowers~

  5. Cover with plastic wrap, freezer in the refrigerator~


I have less than 50 ml of whipped cream left, and I have about twenty flowers, enough for me to bian for a while. Caramel cream paste is added to the fast boiling milk, put a few cream flowers in the cup, beautiful and beautiful~

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