Recipe: Frozen Cheesecake (Free Roast)

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen Cheesecake (Free Roast)


"Frozen Cheesecake" (Free Bake) Dear drops, don't be greedy. Steps: 1. Glydidin tablets are fully soaked with 100ml of milk and ready for use. 2. Digestive biscuits are packed in fresh bags and crushed into powder with a rolling pin. The butter is heated and dissolved by water, then poured into the digested biscuits and mixed with a spoon. Pour into the bottom of the cake mold and compact it into the refrigerator. 3. Cut the cream cheese into small pieces and heat it with water. Stir until smooth, no granules, add sugar and stir evenly with eggbeater 4. Add whipped cream to the cheese paste in step 3 three times. Mix thoroughly every time and add it again (mix well and stir evenly) Non-fighting) 5. In step 1, the gelatin milk solution is slowly heated while stirring, and the mixture is stirred until the gelatin tablets are completely melted and can be taken out for cooling. 6. The milk dissolved in the gelatin tablets is added to the cheese paste three times. After all, mix thoroughly and add it again. 7. Pour the cheese paste into the step 2 and prepare the dripping cake mold. Gently shake off the large drops of air bubbles and put them in the refrigerator for 4 hours or more. After taking it out of the refrigerator Cake hot blown around the dropping at the pull on the release hold back 9.! first



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