Recipe: Frozen bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Frozen bamboo shoots


A super simple special product, as long as the materials are available, you can do it at home. And eating the taste of the stalls on the street, the stalls added a lot of glue. The washing process is more troublesome, I washed 10 times. Wash the insects



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the sandworm first

    Wash the sandworm first

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Water boiled into sandworm

    Water boiled into sandworm

  3. After boiling water, add seasoning

  4. Beat the sandworm with chopsticks and hit the outer layer of the sandworm. The outer layer of the sand worm will freeze the liquid. If there is foam on the surface, filter the filter with a filter.

  5. Can't cook for too long, if you cook for too long, the sandworm will harden and become not Q.

  6. The cooked sand worm soup is placed in a bowl or mold and frozen in the refrigerator until it is solidified.


The amount of water is twice that of the worm, depending on the condition of the cooking.

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