Recipe: Frosting decorated butter biscuits

Home Cooking Recipe: Frosting decorated butter biscuits


Butter biscuits, the recipe is from the hour, this recipe is very good to roast the biscuits, I also use this to make the biscuits at the bottom of the fondant ~ because every time the dough is not the same height... so simply Pressed directly with the baking tray~ The effect is still good. Hahahaha is flat and consistent in thickness. In addition, the icing of this recipe is made to dry and the surface is very good.~~ It won’t be the kind of dry and porous.



  1. Butter biscuit

  2. Soften the butter, add the powdered sugar and salt to the fluffy whitening of the butter, add the egg liquid and vanilla extract and continue to beat until evenly blended.

  3. The dough for making biscuits can also be placed directly in the refrigerator to make it cold, but it is not easy to open after taking out. Therefore, it is easier and more convenient to first knead the dough into thin slices and then refrigerate it in the refrigerator.

  4. The baking time and temperature should be adjusted according to the oven of your home. It is best to look at it and the surface is slightly colored. (Susu is 160 ° C after 5 minutes of shaping and then throw an 8-inch live bottom into the pressure, continue to 160 ° C for 8 minutes, each piece of biscuits will be very smooth and smooth)

  5. Frosting section

  6. Protein to coarse foam Add 150g of powdered sugar in the seasoning, send at low speed

  7. Add corn syrup to medium speed to hard

  8. Take a portion of the icing and a little water to make a smooth, flowing, icing. Hard icing and fluid icing are packed into the ribbon

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