Recipe: Fritters egg flapjack

Home Cooking Recipe: Fritters egg flapjack


Like breakfast, fritters egg pancakes + pumpkin rice milk



  1. Fritters egg pancakes, using 60 grams of flour, 2 eggs, 110 grams of water, half of the fritters, a little salt. Mix flour, eggs, water, a little salt into a batter, set aside to wake up for a while. Pumpkin rice pulp It is made with soymilk, only pumpkin diced rice and rice, can also be done with a blender, cooked and cooked, very good to drink

  2. Pour a thin layer of oil into the pan, pour a spoonful of batter, turn the pot and spread it into a round cake. Don't be too thick. After the spread, remove the cake. Then pour the egg mixture and spread a quiche.

  3. When the quiche is solidified, put the thin cake that was just baked, let the two round cakes stick together, and you can take it out when you are cooked. With the habit, with time, with your preference, you are free.

  4. Take the quiche and spread it out, sprinkle with scallions, put on the fritters, wrap the fritters and eat it, or like a pancake, smear the spicy sauce, sweet noodles... sprinkle with parsley, chopped green onion... Fritters, with the sweet rice syrup, very comfortable breakfast

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