Recipe: Fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Fritters



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: High-gluten flour and a spoonful of salt are mixed evenly in a large bowl

    High-gluten flour and a spoonful of salt are mixed evenly in a large bowl

  2. A little sugar melts in warm water, add a teaspoon of yeast powder, a small spoon of baking powder, and a half spoonful of baking soda. Allow to stand for 10 minutes until a foam is formed on the surface of the liquid. Pour into the flour and mix well to start the dough. The degree of dryness and wetness of the surface is quite sticky, but it can be formed by barely forming. Patience until the dough doesn't touch your hands (this procedure is very similar to the bread process, just do not need to do a film test). Sugar is just to increase the activity of the yeast, remember not to put too much

  3. Apply oil to the inner wall of the container, put in the dough, cover, and leave at room temperature (20 degrees) overnight.

  4. Remove the dough the next day, do not need to do the simmering process, put it on the operation table, if it feels slightly sticky, use oil to wipe the surface of the dough (I don’t stick my hand in front of me, plus silicone Pad, when the dough is processed, it will not stick at all). Next, I will spread the sample as early as possible: the dough is arranged into a rectangular shape, cut into sections, and the two faces are overlapped. The chopsticks are pressed in the middle, and the two ends are lifted and pulled into the oil pan. From time to time, they are turned completely golden.


The dough is pulled as thin as possible, and it is more swelled and more hollow. I blow up the cross section as shown below. I like to eat crispy ones, I can fry them up, and then fry them again. The aunt who told me earlier told me this way ><this time the color is deep, one is using bio flour, and the other is because I am bombing, actually I feel that the taste is more authentic than last time.

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