Recipe: Fritters

Home Cooking Recipe: Fritters



  1. Add the flour to the yeast, sugar and milk blended with warm water to form a dough for fermentation.

  2. When the dough is fermented to twice as large, add the noodle and salt to adjust to smooth and continue to ferment.

  3. Wait until the dough continues to ferment twice or one and a half times, and the dough for making the fritters is fine.

  4. The dough is cut into 3 cm wide, and the two are stacked together and pressed with chopsticks.

  5. After the oil is hot, the pan can be placed and continuously turned until the fritters are golden yellow.


* In order to find a more crunchy effect, try to blow a few more long, so the color is darker. It is said that there is a crunchy effect in Jiaming, but it is acceptable for a little bit of taste for good health.

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