Recipe: Fritter fried loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Fritter fried loofah


Often, when you have not finished eating breakfast, the remaining fritters will become soft and become oily, no one wants to eat, and it is a pity to lose. Mother will put it back to the stove and make the side dish together with loofah.



  1. The loofah is peeled and washed and cut into strips for use. Ginger shredded, red pepper diced

  2. The fritters are cut into sections first, and then the knife is changed into vertical bars. In the pot, the bottom oil, after the oil is hot, the frying stick is fried until the surface is hard and crisp.

  3. After the oil is hot again, the ginger and the red pepper are sautéed and then poured into the loofah.

  4. Add a spoonful of broth to the loofah to soften and season with salt.

  5. When the loofah water is dry quickly, pour the fried fritters in step 2 and spread a little chicken to taste.


After the loofah is cut, it is easy to turn black. It is best to cut it now, otherwise it should be soaked in light salt water to avoid oxidative discoloration.

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