Recipe: Fried yellow rice cake (gummy head)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried yellow rice cake (gummy head)


My mom went to the market to buy a pocket of "sweet glutinous noodles", which is the little yellow rice noodles. I said that when I was a child, I liked the "sticky wolf head". Of course, the Chinese New Year must have a delicious memory of childhood. The taste of the year is even more intense. Because I like to eat fried goods, so when the sticky cavity is out of the pot, I can't wait to cut it up~~ It tastes unexpectedly delicious~~ It's a private dish of Jin Yuzi~~ Let's share this delicious food with everyone. ~~嘿嘿~~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the red dates and add some water to cook. (Note: Do not dump water, leave it for later use.)

    Wash the red dates and add some water to cook. (Note: Do not dump water, leave it for later use.)

  2. The cooked red dates are cooled and crushed. Take the nucleus and add the appropriate amount of white sugar. (According to personal taste.)

  3. Add the small yellow rice noodles to the kneaded jujube, use the water and noodles of the boiled jujube, and mix well. The addition of water should be based on the amount of flour. Do not add enough at one time, and slowly add the side.

  4. Divide the dough into the same amount, and pinch it into a nest or other. If you want to eat it, you should make it smaller. If you want to make a slice, you can make it bigger.

  5. On the steamer, pay attention! ! Do anti-sticking measures, or you will be very embarrassed when you get out of the pot... (My home is covered with a clean wet gauze on the tweezers.)

  6. The cold water pot sits on the fire, and the fire is boiled for 30 minutes. The time is longer.

  7. Put the pot out~~ Put the head on the plate with (cold water stimulated) and it won't stick to the plate~ Leave it for a while, wait until the head is no longer so hot and sticky, then slice with a knife (cold water stimulated) . (This time, you can prepare the oil pan first, and open the fire while cutting the wool.)

  8. After the oil pans 7 and 8 become hot, let's talk about the pan and the pan under the pot. ~~Fry until golden.~~(The oil pan should not be too hot, be careful to fry it.)


Enjoy the delicious ~~

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