Recipe: Fried yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried yellow croaker



  1. After the small yellow croaker is cleaned, fully control the water and then wrap a thin dry surface on top.

  2. Now prepare the assembly line one: egg liquid, whipping evenly

  3. Pipeline Process 2: Bread crumbs on a plate

  4. Fish, egg liquid, bread crumbs, three plates open in one word, and finally put an empty plate next to the breadcrumbs, spread the oil-absorbing paper on the plate, and prepare the assembly line.

  5. Start turning the line, grab the fish in the left hand, fire on the right hand, start the hot oil

  6. Mix the fish well in the egg

  7. Quickly take it out and put it in the breadcrumbs.

  8. Put it in the pot, hold the colander in your right hand to control the heat, and fry the fish.

  9. The fried fish is placed in a tray of blotting paper to blot the oil


A fish is so dripping from the assembly line. If you are skilled, one for a while, one for a while, the skilled workers will be down on the production line. As long as you don't mess up the process, the fish is also dripping quickly!

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