Recipe: Fried yam with tomatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried yam with tomatoes


Spring has come and gone. Really, the temperature in the past few days has exceeded 20 degrees. Recently, the temperature has dropped again! In the evening, the home will be air-conditioned! Hey, this weather, people's mood is also extremely depressed, Yushu's earthquake, affecting people's hearts, Yangyang school told me that every day she brought a dollar (preventing the shuttle bus, and then crowding the bus) donated at the school. Although there is not much money, it is a child's love, brilliantly praised Yangyang classmates, and sent a urinal sign as a reward ceremony. In any case, this day has to go on, can't let this weather I’ve changed my mood and adjusted myself.



  1. Peel, pecan, peeled, washed, green onion, chopped green onion

  2. Yam cutting knife block

  3. Re-cut

  4. Tomato diced

  5. Oil in the pot

  6. Poppy onion

  7. Pour the tomatoes into the sauce

  8. Pour in the mountain pill, stir fry evenly, simmer for ten minutes. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt to the pan

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