Recipe: Fried yam fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried yam fungus


The yam and the fungus are perfect, the taste is crisp and refreshing. Sprinkle a little chopped green onion, clearly a pair of black spring snow and green verdant early spring map.



  1. After the fungus is cleaned, it is washed and torn into small pieces of suitable size.

  2. Yam slice, submerged

  3. Chopped green onion

  4. After the pot is hot, pour in the oil, quickly filter the yam, pour it into the pan and stir fry quickly, then pour the fungus into the fungus.

  5. Turn off the fire, add chopped green onion and salt, borrow the remaining temperature and fry twice to serve.


1) The yam is cut into the cold water while it is cut, otherwise it is very easy to oxidize the surface to black. 2) Yam is easy to paste, stir fry must be fast

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