Recipe: Fried yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried yam


It is said that the vitamin content of colored peppers ranks first among all kinds of vegetables, and it also has the effect of increasing appetite and helping digestion. The yam is even more powerful. It has the effects of spleen, dehumidification, qi, Yifei, Gushen and Yijing. It also contains soluble fiber, which can delay the emptying of food in the stomach and control the increase of blood sugar after meals. Looking at it this way, is this simple dish, is it worth eating?



  1. First use the onion diced pot

  2. Then yam and sweet pepper

  3. When the fire is over, add salt, chicken, vinegar, and then pan.


1 yam is very brittle, it is easy to chop, personally feel that the first oblique knife cut section and then the longitudinal sectioning effect is not bad, it is not easy to break, cut out is a diamond-shaped piece, it is also very good-looking. 2 million to use white vinegar, if not, rice vinegar is also OK. Aesthetics is still very important. 3 people think that yam is still crisp and delicious, so the cooking time is not long. If it is not yam, it will not be brittle. Time has not been counted, it is estimated that it is four or five minutes.

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