Recipe: Fried wraps with spiced peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried wraps with spiced peanuts


When I was a child, I basically could eat it when I was away from relatives in the New Year. Because I missed the taste at that time, I would do it myself, and I would like to eat and eat, familiar taste.



  1. First, mix the eggs, salt, and thirteen flavors, and adjust the taste according to your own amount.

  2. Put the peanuts in a well-mixed 1 .

  3. After stirring evenly, add a small amount of flour to the paste until the flour is all wrapped in peanuts.

  4. Put the cool peanut oil into the stirred peanuts, then use the chopsticks to spread the peanuts, fry the small fire until golden brown, hear the sound of the peanuts, and then fry for a while, it is almost.


Remember to blow it up and let it cool. . This is relatively crisp. .

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