Recipe: Fried winter bamboo shoots with olives

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried winter bamboo shoots with olives



  1. The bamboo shoots are peeled off and put into the pot and boiled in water. After cooling, cut long strips for use.

  2. Add refined oil to the clean pot, heat it to 40% heat, pour into the winter bamboo shoots, simmer the oil, drain the pan, drain the oil.

  3. Put the olive vegetable musk in the net pot, add the winter bamboo shoots of the drained oil, add half a cup of water and stir well. Add a little salt (the salty taste of the olives, pay attention to the amount of salt) and cook for a while, let the winter bamboo shoots taste. Mushroom essence, (instead of MSG) stir well, hook a little bit thin, mix well, put it into the dish and put it on the plate


(1) People with diabetes can eat more of this dish. (2) Bamboo shoots contain more oxalic acid, which will affect the body's absorption of calcium. Children should not eat more. (3) Those with urinary calculi should not be eaten. (4) Those who are allergic to bamboo shoots should also fast.

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