Recipe: Fried wild bracken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried wild bracken


This is the wild bracken that grows along the riverside of the school. It is self-collected, fun and delicious, and fun.



  1. The wild bracken is harvested several times before clearing the water, removing brown fluff and dirt.

  2. After the hot water in the pot is opened, the bracken is drowned, and then the cold water is kept to maintain a vivid color.

  3. After the oil is hot, add the onion or minced garlic, then stir fry in the bracken.

  4. Season with salt and serve.


When wild bracken is not cooked, it seems to have toxins? So be sure to keep the pan after cooking; the salt can be put a little more and can suppress the bitterness of the wild bracken.

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