Recipe: Fried wild bracken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried wild bracken



  1. Stir-fry minced meat with a small spoon of water, add salt, Knorr chicken powder, pepper, soy sauce, sugar evenly

  2. Marinate for 10 minutes

  3. Bracken to the old stalk, cooked in boiling water, picked up and soaked in clean water and then washed and then immersed 3 times

  4. Pick up and drain the water. (You can also wash and fry directly without soaking for a few hours. Personally like it, soak

  5. Can reduce the smell)

  6. Cut the fat into small pieces, fry the lard, pick up the oil residue and hold half of the lard for use.

  7. Chop the garlic, sauté into the oil pan of 3, pour the meat into the frying pan until light yellow, add the bracken stir fry

  8. Evenly, drench the lard in the 3 method (can be dripped together with the oil residue), add a small amount of raw seasoning

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