Recipe: Fried white scallions

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried white scallions



  1. Wash the silk, cut 3 cm long silk

  2. 剥 white peeling, remove the old part, wash, shred

  3. Green pepper, seed, stalk, washed, shredded

  4. Onion, chopped green onion, green onion; ginger, minced; garlic, pine, peeled, chopped

  5. Heat the pan on the fire, add oil, first simmer the green pepper to the cooked, and serve

  6. The remaining oil (not enough to add some) heat, first sprinkle the shallots with ginger and minced garlic, add the scallions and stir-fry, add the wine, add the scallions and stir-fry, add the soy sauce, the right amount of salt, add the appropriate amount of water to cook for one or two minutes.

  7. Add sugar, when the soup is thicker, add MSG, add water starch to thicken, pour sesame oil, sprinkle chopped green onion, sprinkle white pepper, mix well and finish


1, I bought a live jaundice, called the stall owner is now hot, now more assured and fresh! It is also called the stall owner to take off the blood inside, and it is much more convenient to go home to clean. 2. Astragalus is a very nutritious food. According to the book, Astragalus has a blood sugar lowering component, which is suitable for diabetics. Moreover, the content of trace elements and vitamin A is rich, which makes people's metabolism active and energetic. It is a nourishing dish. 3, the taste is also very good, very suitable for dinner. Nourishing the next meal is appropriate.

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