Recipe: Fried watermelon rind

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried watermelon rind


Rational use of the rest of the food, saving on the cost of living does not hinder the delicious food



  1. After the watermelon is finished, go to the remaining red soil and the outer skin.

  2. Onion ginger garlic cut good spare

  3. Cut the millet peppers to spare (love to eat spicy, so choose this kind of pepper, you can not eat spicy, choose ordinary red pepper)

  4. Put the hot pot and put the oil into the onion ginger and garlic, then add the millet pepper and sauté and put the watermelon rind.

  5. Stir fry until the melon skin is soft and put in the salt.


Watermelon skin is harder to go more

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