Recipe: Fried vegetables

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried vegetables


Private kitchen~



  1. Wash the vegetable moss, shorten it, tear off the outer skin, remember not to lose the skin. Sliced ​​garlic, shredded pepper, and a small amount of pork.

  2. Put a little water and lard into the pot, put the water to make the vegetable moss stir out green oil, oh, stir the green vegetables secret haha, be careful not to put too much, just a little bit. After the pot is hot, add the vegetable moss and vegetable moss to stir fry, add garlic pork, pepper, and salt.

  3. After frying until the water of the vegetable moss itself comes out, you can cook it, and the time of the meal depends on your taste. Out of the pot~


The vegetable skin is very tasty, crunchy, and very nutritious.

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