Recipe: Fried udon noodles with tomato sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried udon noodles with tomato sauce


The end of the small holiday, life returns to the fast pace, hungry, eat lunch?  Sweeped the refrigerator and vacuum packed udon noodles  When I think of a vegetarian restaurant, there is a tea restaurant on the ground floor of the World Trade Center. When I go shopping, I must go to this place to eat udon, and the taste is very good. Later, he was vegetarian, and then tried to ask for Udon who did not put the pork, and was rejected. . . A month ago, I strolled there and found that the store was no longer there. I remembered the good taste. I might as well try it out. It really brought out the same taste. Siri snorted and quickly entered the belly.  Beauty ~~~ vegetarianism is not wrong, enjoy delicious  This taste, sweet and sour taste, Udon Q bomb, is definitely everyone loves ~ especially popular with girls



  1. Wash the mushrooms, sauté the small rapeseed, peel the carrots

  2. Shredded mushrooms, carrots and shreds, small rapeseed shredded stems and leaves

  3. Boil a pot of water, put it into the wok a little bit, stir it with chopsticks to remove the water, do not cook for a long time to avoid affecting the taste

  4. Mix the ketchup, water, salt and sugar in the seasoning and use it evenly.

  5. Heat the wok and heat it. The carrot and shredded mushrooms are super soft. Then the boiled udon and shredded small rapeseed stalks are fried.

  6. Pour the small rapeseed leaves that have just been simmered and shredded.


I use vacuum-packed udon noodles, which can be found in the supermarket cold storage area. The small rapeseed leaves and stems are separated because the time required for frying is different, and finally the leaves are more green and nice.

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