Recipe: Fried tomato zucchini

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried tomato zucchini



  1. Wash the tomatoes and cut into pieces

  2. Fresh mushrooms are washed and sliced ​​for use

  3. Zucchini is washed and sliced ​​for use

  4. Add refined oil to the net pot, heat it to 40% heat, pour the zucchini slices, fresh mushroom slices, sizzling oil, drain the oil

  5. Put the pot, pour a little refined oil, sauté the ginger, add the tomato pieces and stir-fry. Add some salt and water when frying, stir fry until slightly. Then add the zucchini slices and fresh shiitake mushrooms, add water, season with salt (if you stir the tomato salt in front, add no salt here), stew for a while, let the dishes into. Then add mushroom essence (instead of MSG), do not thicken the soup, simmer the soup, and serve the pan.

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