Recipe: Fried tofu pork balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried tofu pork balls


Fry the meatballs with the meaning of "reunion". In the Chinese New Year, every household will not make less meatballs. Because of its round shape, it is meant to be "round and round". Generally, meatballs are fried. Today, both of them share round meatballs. They don't need to be fried. It is simpler and healthier to eat! Tofu is added to the meatballs. This is still a Korean meal book. It used to add tofu, but it was crushed and added. I have read a Korean food book and found that Koreans like to add dried tofu to the meat. Whether it is dumpling stuffing or meatballs, it seems that Koreans are as fond of us as this tofu. of. Adding the tofu stuffing will weaken the bean curd taste of the tofu, reduce the greasy taste of the meat, and increase the rich protein. It is really a three-pronged thing! The addition of tofu and starch makes this meatball shaping very easy, it is easy to form a regular round, and the pan is also very beautiful!



  1. Pork stuffing is ready-made or hand-mashed and added to the barbecue sauce. Or put in soy sauce, salt, sugar, oil, chicken, white pepper, stir well, pickle for half an hour

  2. Tofu squeezed with gauze

  3. Shallot diced

  4. Put the shallots into the dried tofu and beat the eggs into one.

  5. Put a little starch

  6. Add the marinated pork stuffing and mix well. Very sticky

  7. Take a little filling and put it into a round ball by hand.

  8. Pour a little oil into the pan, put the meatballs into the pot one by one, cover the lid, light the fire, and fry until golden on both sides.


1. Tofu is squeezed out of water beforehand, and it can be covered with dense white gauze or white cloth. 2, pork is pickled beforehand, the taste is more intense. 3, onions are best to choose parsley, green onions taste. 4, there is not much water inside, add starch does not need too much, as long as it can be stirred into a group. More starch will have a nutritional taste. 5, thick bottom pan, small fire, cover, slowly fry, about 4-5 minutes to fry, so feel not to believe that he can be cooked!

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